Can I build more than 60m2 of habitable area?

The maximum size granny flat is 60m2 which does not include patio, alfresco or garages.

What is the minimum block size to have a granny flat?

Your property needs to have a minimum of 450m2, however there might be exemptions depending on your local council

How wide does my frontage need to be?

Frontage needs to be a minimum of 12m which is measured from the building line

What are the setback requirements?

Setback are determined by the size of your block, if your property is between 450m2 to 899m2 your minimum rear boundary setback is 3m and 900mm from the side boundaries, if your property is 900m2 to 1500m2 then your setbacks increase to 5m from rear boundary and 1.2m from the side boundaries, if your block is greater then 1500m2 your rear setback becomes 10m and side setbacks are 2.5m.

How many granny flats can I build on my property?

You are only allowed 1 granny flat per block.

How many bedrooms can I have inside my granny flat?

You can have 1,2 or 3 bedrooms.

Does the granny flat need to be separate from the existing house?

It can be attached or detached from the existing house.

What is the time frame to build a granny flat?

It takes approximately 14 weeks for your granny flat to be built.

Can I build a granny flat with my local council?

Generally, yes you can follow your local council’s Development Control Plan (DCP) and Local Environment plan (LEP).

Do you have a range of designs we can choose from?

Yes, we do. We have a range of standard and premium designs available.

Can we customize our own design?

Yes, you can. Our qualified draftsman can help you design your own granny flat.

Do you have a showroom we can visit?

Yes, you can visit our display center located at 1/597 Woodstock Avenue, Glendenning NSW 2761.

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